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The State of the SRC Address by His Excellency Frank Owusu provided an overview of the significant activities and achievements during his tenure as the President of the Student Representative Council (SRC).This report highlights key initiatives and developments that have taken place under his leadership.


The KNUST WE Want:
The seminar experience titled "The KNUST WE Want" was organized by the SRC in February. It aimed to connect past student leaders and activists with the current student body to share their experiences. The program featured former presidents, including Hon Andy Okra, Lawyer Philemon Laar, Caleb FUGAH, Boakye Nyamekye Isaac, Samuel Amoako Kusi, and Samuel Sesah. Their insights provided valuable guidance for the current SRC and emphasized the importance of learning from history.

TekTalk 2023 - Meet the Giants:
The TekTalk program held in July featured influential speakers who discussed empowering today's youth to become future global leaders. Despite lower-than-expected attendance, the event left a lasting impact by inspiring and fostering connections among participants. The diverse range of speakers contributed to a motivational atmosphere, encouraging attendees to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

The Transformed Summit:
Under the leadership of Hon. Andy Osei Okrah, the SRC partnered with the YPYC to organize the Transformed Summit. This program aimed to equip student leaders with the necessary leadership skills. It was a valuable initiative to enhance leadership capabilities among students, ensuring they are well-prepared to lead effectively.

Welfare Commission Sanitation Inspection:
The KNUST-SRC Welfare Commission collaborated with Estate Management - Sanitation to conduct sanitation inspections at various traditional hall canteens. The inspections focused on food safety, hygiene, and overall sanitation standards. While most canteens maintained good sanitation practices, some areas required improvement, and recommendations were made to address these concerns.

Support to Students for Surgery:
The SRC, through the Welfare Commission, provided financial support to two students who needed surgery, covering part of their medical expenses. Both students successfully underwent their respective surgeries, showcasing the SRC's commitment to the welfare of students.

Academic Board: Tech Smartest - Quiz Competition:
The Tech Smartest Quiz Competition, organized by the SRC Academic Board, took place at the CCB Auditorium. This event aimed to promote intellectual prowess among KNUST students. The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources emerged as the winner, and the competition fostered a culture of learning and academic excellence.

Tratech Commission: Think It Fund It Programme:
The Think It Fund It Programme provided a platform for young entrepreneurs to pitch innovative ideas and secure funding for their projects. The program featured a successful pitching event, with winners receiving financial support for their projects.

Office of the Vice President: All Final Years' Summit:
The All Final Years' Summit, held in June, aimed to prepare final-year students for the transition to the working world. Renowned speakers from various fields shared their experiences and insights, providing valuable guidance to graduating students.

21st Student Leadership Summit:
The 21st Century Student Leaders Summit brought together student leaders, experts, and changemakers to discuss global challenges. The event emphasized leadership qualities and skills needed in the modern world and encouraged attendees to drive positive change.

Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Awards:
The Vice Chancellor's Excellence Awards recognized outstanding students who have excelled in academics and contributed to the university community.

Office of the Women’s Commissioner: Advocacy and Initiatives:
The Women's Commission initiated various programs, including the Aketasia Summit, campaigns against sexual harassment, eye screenings, and a hair and braids festival. These initiatives aimed to empower women, promote gender equality, and improve the overall well-being of female students.

Food Bank:
The SRC allocated funds to support a food bank, providing food items to students in need. Additionally, Ultimate Fashion, the owner of Ultimate Hostel, donated rice to further support students facing financial challenges.

2022/2023 Electoral Commission Report:
The Electoral Commission successfully conducted several elections during the academic year, ensuring free and fair processes and promoting student democracy.

Advocacy: Accommodation and Zero School Fees Payment Policy:
The SRC engaged in advocacy efforts to address accommodation challenges, leading to a reduction in hostel price increases. The implementation of a zero school fees payment policy allowed students to register without financial barriers.

Reinstatement of Deferred Students:
The SRC advocated for the reinstatement of deferred students, emphasizing the importance of timely course registration.

Bringing Back the JCRC:
The successful reinstatement of the Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) was a significant achievement, restoring student democracy and representation.

Interventions and Projects: SRC Shuttle Stop, Study Area, and More:
The SRC initiated various projects and interventions, including the development of a shuttle stop, procurement of laptops, and the construction of an SRC Hostel Annex. These projects aim to enhance the student experience and address critical needs.

KNUST SRC Monthly Newsletter:
To improve communication and writing skills, the SRC is set to launch a monthly newsletter in collaboration with other departments.


In conclusion, the State of the SRC Address by His Excellency Frank Owusu highlighted a wide range of initiatives and accomplishments during his tenure as President. These efforts have contributed to the welfare, empowerment, and overall development of the KNUST student community. The SRC remains committed to serving the student body and addressing their needs.