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The KNUST car sticker functions as a means of identification and regulation for vehicles utilizing the campus roads. Its issuance is carried out at the Directorate of Students' Affair and is expected to be prominently displayed on the front windshield of the vehicle. The purpose of this sticker is twofold: to ensure that only authorized vehicles are granted access to the campus roads, and to act as a security measure that deters unauthorized persons from accessing all routes within the campus.

To purchase a KNUST student car sticker, you would need to provide the following:

  1. A valid student ID card: To confirm your enrollment at the university, it is necessary to present your KNUST student identification card.

  2. Vehicle registration documents: You must provide either the vehicle's registration papers or official authorization from the owner, if the vehicle is not registered in the student's name.

  3. Proof of insurance: You would need to show proof of insurance for the vehicle.

  4. Road Worthy: Road worthiness is a requirement for all vehicles to ensure they meet the necessary safety standards for driving on public roads.

  5. Driver's license: A driver's license is required as proof of competence and legal permission to operate a motor vehicle on public roads.

  6. Payment: You would need to pay the required fee for the car sticker.

It is imperative to recognize that the use of the KNUST car sticker is mandatory for all vehicles utilizing the campus roads. Any failure to comply with this stipulation may result in the vehicle being impounded or the driver being subjected to penalties imposed by the University authorities.