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Dear Students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, we are excited to announce the launch of the KNUST SRC Entrepreneurship Endowment Fund, an initiative organized by the KNUST SRC to support and encourage student entrepreneurship on campus.

The fund aims to provide financial support to student entrepreneurs who have innovative business ideas and need financial assistance to bring their ideas to life.

We believe that entrepreneurship is a critical component of economic growth and development, and we are committed to supporting our students in this important area. The KNUST SRC Entrepreneurship Endowment Fund will be open to all KNUST students who have a business idea that they would like to pursue.

We encourage all students who are interested in entrepreneurship to take advantage of this opportunity. We believe that this initiative will help to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship on campus and contribute to the development of our students into successful business leaders.

For student entrepreneurs, kindly contact any of these numbers [0261274652, 0209220809, 0559548069, 0555771773] for a very important information. Watch out for the launch of the Entrepreneurship Endowment Fund.