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The SRC is pleased to inform you about the much-awaited and highly anticipated initiative that will change the game for dreamers and innovators. This initiative promises to realize the dreams of many and turn ideas into reality.

The official launch of the Entrepreneurship Endowment fund will take place on Friday, 24th February 2023, at the Great Hall. The event will commence at exactly 10am, and we encourage you to come in your numbers to witness the beginning of a new era.

This game-changing initiative is expected to have a significant impact on various sectors, including technology, agriculture, finance, and education, among others. Our goal is to provide the necessary support and resources to budding entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers to bring their ideas to life.

During the launch event, the Vice-Chancellor, SRC President, key stakeholders, industry leaders, and other speakers will be present to give their remarks and insights on the initiative's potential impact. There will also be a panel discussion and Q&A session, where attendees can ask questions and seek clarification on various aspects of the initiative.

As we look forward to this exciting event, we encourage you to mark your calendars and join us. Let us come together and witness the beginning of a new era that promises to transform the world and create a brighter future for all.