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The Student Representative Council (SRC) has successfully negotiated the documentation and legal approvals for the much anticipated SRC Hostel Annex project in a stunning display of cooperation and diligence. A pivotal moment in the project's development was the official presentation of the architectural plan to the university's administration. The architectural design was formally presented to management after extensive consultations and careful preparation, and on June 15th, 2023, it won the desired approval. This accomplishment represents a significant advancement in the SRC's mission to improve campus facilities and student life.


This project's beautifully developed architectural plan is one of its main strengths. The design includes eco-friendly elements, roomy common areas, and cutting-edge amenities to meet the varied demands of students.

This project demonstrates the university's dedication to giving its students access to high-quality accommodation options and to assisting the SRC in its initiatives to enhance the student experience.
The SRC Hostel Annex project is now ready to move into its next stage of development after the architectural plan was approved.


The SRC is still dedicated to making sure that this initiative not only lives up to but also beyond the expectations of the university community, increasing the overall student experience for years to come.