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Clubs & Societies Commission

In line with the University's decision to prevent occultism, hooliganism and terrorism, the Office of the clubs and societies commissioner was established in page 70, chapter 61 of the students guide and supported by the 2011 SRC constitution as amended in 2021 to register and monitor the activities of students groups on campus.

Identified students’ Clubs and Societies on campus fall within six main groupings namely: Religious, Alumni, Ethnic, Professional, College/Faculty/ Departmental and International.
Clubs and Societies are financed partly by the payment of membership dues.
Students shall have freedom of association, however ;
A) Only clubs/societies recognized by the Residence Committee shall be entitled to the use of university facilities.
B)  Clubs and Society Secretaries are required at the beginning of each session to submit to the Dean of Students the particulars of Principal Officers and Committee Members of their club or society with a copy to the Residence Committee.

The registration procedures are as set out below:

A.) Members or promoters of a new club or society shall be required to obtain an application form from
the Clubs and Societies Chairman of the SRC.
b. The completed form shall be submitted to the Clubs and Societies Chairman, accompanied by three
(3) copies of its Constitution and forwarded by the SRC to the Dean of Students to make necessary
c. The Dean of Students shall vet the submitted application form and constitution and make
recommendations to the Residence Committee.
i. If the application is by a non-religious club or society, it shall be submitted to the Residence
Committee by the Dean of Students for approval/recognition, after the vetting.
ii. If the application is by a Christian, religious club or society, it shall be submitted by the Dean of Students to the two (2) Chaplains i.e. Protestant and Catholic for their comments/recommendations.

The application shall then be returned to the Dean of Students for final submission to the Residence
Committee for approval/recognition.Given the proliferation of religious groups on campus in our limited environment, it has been decided by the Residence Committee that any new religious group seeking recognition to operate on campus shall provide 500 signed-up members.
In the case of Muslim groupings, the application shall be vetted by the KNUST Muslim Community Chairman before forwarding it to the Dean of Students.
All college/faculty/department associations shall be given recognition by Residence Committee once the Dean of Students receives their endorsed documents by the appropriate head.

d. After approval of application by the Residence Committee, a certificate for commencement of activities shall formally be issued by the Dean of Students at a cost to be determined by the Dean of Students in consultation with the SRC every club/society shall renew its certificate of operation every 4 years.

e. Every club/society shall laminate her certificate and have it available for inspection at every meeting.

f. Every registered club or society, which collects or receives funds, shall submit an annual statement of audited account to the Office of the Dean of Students in accordance with the University Financial and Stores Regulations. Such reports should reach the Dean of Students not later than two weeks before the handing over of office or before new Executive Committee members takes over.
The Dean of Students shall then hand over the accounts to the Internal Auditor who shall act as the external auditors for the clubs/societies. Failure to comply may lead to the withdrawal of certificate of recognition.

g. The Residence Committee, on recommendation by the Dean of Students, shall issue a formal ban to any unregistered club/society. The same ban shall apply to any club/ society formed on campus whose activities are considered not to be in the interest of the university.

The Clubs and Societies commission shall in all ensure that all Clubs shall be duly registered to be able to fully represent their interest to students and make them effective through enjoying the University facilities.