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Editorial Board


There shall be an Editorial Board which shall be composed of:

(a) The General Secretary of the SRC who shall be the chairperson of the Board.

(b) Editors of the various JCRs and Colleges.

 KNUST SRC 2011 Constitution as amended (2021).

 One (1) representative each from GRASAG and ISA.

 The Editorial Board shall:

  •  Be responsible for editing all SRC sponsored publications.
  •  Develop a newsletter for the SRC which shall be published periodically to inform students on the state of affairs of the SRC and on the general happenings in and around campus.
  •  Shall perform any other function as may be assigned to it by the Executive Council or Parliamentary Council.
  •  Shall work hand in hand with the SRC PRO on all matters of publicity.
  •  The General Secretary shall appoint a Deputy Editorial Board Chairperson from among the members of the Editorial Board and the person shall have all the full powers of a commissioner and represent the Board when the General Secretary is absent.
  •  The General Secretary shall present the report on the state of the Editorial Board under the SRC to Parliamentary Council and in his absence the Deputy shall represent him.