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Legal Affairs Commission

The Legal Affairs Commission is a standing committee that is established formally by the SRC Constitution (as amended 2021) in article 66 (1) of the same working document.

It consists of the SRC Legal Affairs Commissioner and four other committee members appointed by the Commissioner who work hand-in-hand in advising the Executive Council as and when legal matters arise. The Commission is also responsible in ensuring that all Clubs and Societies, Associations are scrutinized to ensure that their rules are in conformity with the SRC constitution and the University regulations.
The Commission is also the main font for establishing proceedings against the SRC President and is thus solely responsible for representing the SRC at all hearings at the judicial committee.

The Commission can also represent any student at any judicial hearing or judicial committee as long as it does not involve the Executive Council.
The Commission is also open to educating the student community on legal matters and on high profile decisions of the court to enlighten students on issues in relation to their basic rights and responsibilities as Ghanaian citizens.

Do feel free to contact the Commissioner or any of the members of the commission on any legal matters. Our doors are readily open to serve the KNUST student community.
1. Chleo-Patra Awonpomi Azantilow – Legal Affairs Commissioner
2. Majida Issah Abah
3. Phewby Benchog Vugu
4. Samuel Addai-Mensah
5. Joseph Kelvin Edem Boso