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On Saturday, February 10th, 2024, a student loan education and scholarship summit themed SCHOLAR SYNC was held at the Law Auditorium to help the students gain information about the processes involved in applying for student loans and the various forms of scholarships both globally and locally. The program was in four folds: Student Loan Trust Fund education, Scholarship opportunities abroad and their requirements, Education on E-zwich card, and Scholarship opportunities on campus.
Mr. Ampem Aseidu, the CEO of Zest Consult, oversaw the Scholarship opportunities abroad. He spoke about the various types of scholarships and their processes. He also spoke at length about standardized tests used for university admissions, such as IELTS, SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), and GRE(Graduate Record Examination).
Mr. Prosper, an employee at Zest Consult, also spoke about how to gain a visa for traveling for work or school purposes. The prices for services were also disclosed during the presentation, as well as their achievements over the years.

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Mr. Kukah Mawunyo, the Chief Marketing Officer for Metis Educational Consult, gave a speech on countries that mostly offer scholarship opportunities abroad and also shed more light on the presentation made by Zest Consult, stating the various types of visas such as student visas and transit visas. He also gave the students tips on how to successfully get a visa through the right channel.
The regional director of Student Loan Trust Fund, Mr. Elijah Ayinbila Azenendongo, gave a long speech on the requirements for student loans, the interest rate, how disbursement of loans is done, how repayment of loans is done, and also the range of amounts that can be given based on the application submitted.
Mr. Walter Fredrick, a national service personnel at DoSA, spoke briefly about scholarship opportunities on Campus and also gave students valid reasons why mostly they don’t get these scholarships, mostly because their essays are AI-generated and also using unreachable contacts when filling out the forms. He gave the students advice on how to go about applying for scholarship opportunities on campus and also forms of financial aid given by DoSA.

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Finally, Mr. Asante Ahmed, a representative from Zenith Bank, spoke briefly about the functions of an E-zwich card and also how to fill out forms when applying for an E-zwich card. After the presentations were delivered by the speakers, a forum was opened for a question and answer session, during which the speakers answered all the questions coming from the students.
Registration for both the E-zwich card and student loan commenced right after the closing of the program. About 600 students were recorded, including freshmen and continuing students. The program started at 10 am and closed officially at 3 pm. Due to the huge number of people doing the registration, the registration for both the E-zwich card and student loan ended at 6pm.

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