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The Student Representative Council (SRC) organized a Freshmen Orientation for the Freshmen class of 2024 on 13th January 2024 dubbed, "The Akwaaba Xperience". The orientation was aimed at familiarizing the new students with the university and its various systems, and also to help them settle into the new academic environment.


  • Welcome Address: The orientation kicked off with a warm welcome and introductions from the SRC General Secretary, Miss Christabel Baaba Mills, setting a positive tone for the day. Various informative sessions covered crucial aspects of KNUST, including academic resources, campus life, and extracurricular opportunities. Engaging presentations by experienced faculty members enriched the overall experience.
  • The diverse and esteemed lineup of speakers, including Prof. Mariam Asantewah Nkansah, Prof. Daniel Yaw Addai Duah, Dr. Paul Kwadwo Addo, Mrs. Sandra Esinam Sosu, Prof. Margaret Dzisi, Mrs. Theodora Oduro, Prof. Akwasi Anning Acheampong, Rev. Dr. Joseph W. Acheampong, and representatives from various units such as the Counselling Center, Security Office, and non-residential council, collectively contributed invaluable insights and guidance to the freshers. Their addresses encompassed a wide array of topics, ranging from academic affairs to student conduct and discipline, ensuring a holistic understanding of the university environment.


  • SRC President's Address: In the insightful address by the SRC President, H.E Yvonne Osei Adobea, students were provided with valuable guidance and inspiration as they embark on their academic journey at KNUST. The President highlighted the importance of active participation in campus life, encouraging students to explore various opportunities, engage in extracurricular activities, and build meaningful connections within the university community.
  • Panel Discussion: Also, there was a Panel Discussion addressing a spectrum of crucial topics, ranging from the pressing issues of sexual harassment and drug abuse to the intricacies of roommate conflicts, campus relationships. The dialogue sought to create awareness, foster understanding, and provide practical insights into handling these multifaceted challenges. Panelists shared valuable perspectives, emphasizing the significance of creating a safe and respectful campus environment.


The Freshers' Orientation Event successfully achieved its objectives by providing a comprehensive introduction to university life. Attendees left with a clearer understanding of academic expectations, campus resources, and the diverse opportunities available to them. The event laid a solid foundation for the freshers' academic and personal growth during their time at KNUST.

In conclusion, the Freshers' Orientation Event played a vital role in welcoming the newest members of the KNUST community. The insights gained and connections established during this event will undoubtedly contribute to a positive and enriching experience for the freshers as they embark on their academic journey at KNUST.