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(1) There shall be established a Transport Commission of the SRC which shall be composed of:

(a) The Transport Commissioner who shall be appointed by the President in a letter signed by the President and the General Secretary to the person and copied to the Speaker.

(b) Two other members of the commission who shall be appointed by the Transport Commissioner in a letter signed by the President and the Transport Commissioner.

(2) The Transport Commission shall:

 (a)Be responsible for the operation of commercial vehicle activities on campus.

 (b)Receive all applications for the use of all the transport facilities of the SRC.

 (c)Be responsible for the arrangement of student transport services outside campus.

 (d)Coordinate all transport arrangements of groups travelling under SRC sponsorship.

 (e)Shall perform any other duty assigned to it by the Executive Council and or the Parliamentary Council.

(3) The Transport Commissioner shall in consultation with the Legal Affairs Commission draft a work document to regulate its affairs.

 (4) The Transport Commission shall be in consultation with the Properties and Facilities Commission on the usage, management and maintenance of all SRC transport facilities.

 (5) Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, the Properties and Facilities Commission shall have full control of all SRC transport facilities and shall make it available to the Transport Commission on demand by the Commission.

 (6) The Transport Commissioner shall be the sole commissioner responsible for delivering the report on the state of transport affairs of the SRC to the Parliamentary Council at least once every semester and may delegate any member of the commission to represent him.

Our doors are always opened for students with any issue on transportation; never hesitate to talk to the Transport Commissioner or any member of the transport committee about issues on transportation. We are always available to serve the KNUST student populace.