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In the face of rapidly growing economies and emerging markets coupled with tailored advancements in trade and technology worldwide over the past few years, the African continent has had the opportunity to mount the stage and rise as a force to reckon with on a worldwide threshold employing trade links and technological advancements as a springboard.

The dream of the Student Representative Council (SRC) of KNUST to provide a ground on which ingenuity, creativity and innovations related to trade, technology and other disciplines are showcased primarily, and also create an avenue for building and enhancing problem solving capacity among students birthed the establishment of a trade and technology fair christened “TRATECH”. In pursuit of this dream, the year 2004 saw the launch of the maiden edition of TRATECH with the theme “SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT, AN INDISPENSABLE TOOL FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”. Over the past few years, successive administrations of the council have made efforts to enhance this event, making it stronger, bigger and better and still being able to streamline and synchronise its core values and mission with its catchy themes.

Succeeding in bringing creative people together, providing an umbrella for individuals to share interests and ideas and above all bringing industry players closer to students and strengthening their relationships leading to employment in certain cases are some of the giant feats TRATECH has achieved over the years. With themes like “Propelling Ghana to greater heights through science and technology” in 2011 and “Futuristic Impressions” for 2012 among a few others living up to the hype, TRATECH 2014 promises an unparalleled exhibition of all that it stands for in its entirety with decade of its inception. The theme “Green solutions through innovation-driven development” delivers a strong message aimed at addressing solutions to energy and environmental protection through innovative techniques to influence industrial growth and global development patterns. It does not look much of a demand for an event of such a calibre but outdoing itself seems to be a watchword for a long time running.

“Technology is a gift from God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilisation, arts and science” says Freeman Dyson. Trade and technology will forever be a driving force in economies, encouraging and promoting it is a sure way to unimaginable development.IT is the duty of the TRATECH to equip the average technocrat with a targeted trade and technological skills that lectures don’t have. Long live TRATECH, long live KNUST, and long live Mother Ghana.