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A December to remember, surely once a time, came to pass. If there is any moment that will cling to the memories of the general populace of the KNUST community as if it were yesterday no matter how long or old it has been, that moment certainly is the December of 2021. The many months that preceded December saw a lot of activities but December witnessed a multiple fold of super-packed activities, going down to the nitty-gritty in a jiffy. December saw the swearing-in of the appointees the newly elected government of the SRC and if there would be any form in which something which is a success could be expressed, please do me a favor, USE IT! Witnessing the change in administration and under the auspices of the SRC president, his appointees signed a redefined and updated version of the Executive Code of Conduct, in service of achieving Strategy 3 of the Master Plan.

What more could one possibly do to encourage someone to take action other than leading the action himself, lo and behold, having the people at heart even when the world seemed tottering due to COVID, the vaccination (#JABUP) campaign was introduced educating and entreating all persons to take the vaccine, achieving strategy 2 of the Master Plan. The SRC Editor-In-Chief also announced the freshmen guide which is supposed to be a guide for the freshmen. Undoubtedly, more educative, highly impactful and informative was the Commemoration of the World Disability Day, an outreach that saw many and led many to appreciate truly many. Surely, diaries cannot hold much of December 2021 with regards to KNIUST but the human mind will forever be refreshed wherever and whenever December 2021 is mentioned in KNUST.

Going far, fast and wide, a good man’s account, in clearer and better terms must he render, surely a
DECEMBER once came.

Scripted by: Novire Kuuyizie Francis